Computer Viruses, nature, symptoms and prevention

Published: 07th December 2009
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Computer viruses are software programs like other applications. But they get attached with the general applications and use their setup or .exe file to get installed on the system. Microsoft provides an effective tool, Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool, to protect your system.

System viruses are proving to be fatal cause of crashing computer system. In this section our focus will be to know the nature, recovery and prevention of computer viruses.

These viruses are like small software programming which spreads from one computer to another, making disturbance in the operating system as well as in application software. These programs help them attach with a generally used program so that it can start along with the booting of that program. Hence, it affects the executable file or program (such as system extensions, INITs and control panels) and application programs. The viruses remain in dormant condition unless that specific executable file is run on the system. For example, a word processing program that contains a virus will place the virus in memory every time the word processing program is run.

Let's understand the infection part. Computer viruses can come in the form of funny images, greeting cards, or audio and video files. Sometime it may come with e-mail attachment and pirated software CD or flash drive.

Understanding the symptom is a must requirement before doing recovery of virus.

Some significant symptoms like slow processing of your system, error message pops up like dll file error, auto restart of system with some periodic time, freezing of your system after getting logged in. You may get double extension on an attachment that your recently opened, such as a .vbs, .gif. or .exe or .jpg extension. Very rarely you may visualize some extra icons on the desktop and accidental removal of some programs and so on.

To solve or remove viruses from computer , install any updated Anti-Virus software on your PC and perform a system scan. You can take help from Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool. You can download and install this software from official website of Microsoft. This software is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP and Windows server 2003. At the end of the process, you will get a thorough report about any malicious software that have been detected and removed.

Also, you need to visit Microsoft update to get install latest updates. You can make use of Microsoft update if and only if you have Internet Explorer 5 or later. First, turn on Automatic updates on your system. Click on Start>Control Panel>System>Automatic Updates. This will preserve your system from Computer viruses.

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